Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Rides

My hope to ride to Montana and Wyoming will remain as such for at least another year.  Instead, we’ll travel to New England and go back to the places we’ve already visited over the last couple of years such as Kentucky and The Ozarks.  But even these rides won’t be the same.  I’ve revised and expanded the routes and  added a number of scenic roads. 

Here’s our preliminary schedule:

  • May – Kentucky (8 days)
  • June – Indiana / Kentucky (4 days)
  • July – Spring Green (3 days)
  • August - New England (12 days)
  • September – The Ozarks (11 days)

Kentucky – 8 days, 2,300 miles

Scenic Driving Kentucky by William and Cora Kappele includes 36 scenic roads.   I think I captured most of them.  

Kentucky-Scenic Drives

To make the trip even more fun, I’ve included a lot of winding 2-lane roads going up and down the hill in addition to the scenic roads from the book.   


Indiana  / Kentucky - 4 days, 1,200 miles

Howard and I tried to ride this route last year, but after I crashed my bike, we had to cut it short.  We’ll try it again this year.  To make the trip even more interesting, I’ve added a Mammoth Cave National Park to the route.  It would be nice to do a tour of the subterranean labyrinths of Mammoth Cave.  But this has not been discussed yet.

Ihdiana - Route 

Spring Green – 3 days, 680 miles

The road to Spring Green, the place of our annual pilgrimage, will go through Galena this year.  As usual,  Dodgeville will serve as our base. 

Howard found an article in the September issue of the Motorcycle Rider magazine describing a 300-mile loop that starts near Dodgeville and includes a scenic ride along the Mississippi river from Prairie du Chen to La Crosse.

Spring Green - Route

New England – 12 days, 3,800 miles

The map below includes 25 out of 28 routes described in Scenic Driving New England by Stewart Green.  We are not going to ride all of them, but it was a nice thought of spending a month exploring New England.

Scenic Drives

It will take a couple of days of interstate riding, but after that we’ll hit the best and most beautiful roads in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Route 4

Route 3

This would be the longest trip so far.  I didn’t have a chance to think about sightseeing, but I’m pretty sure after going through Stewart Green’s book Scenic Driving New England will give me plenty of ideas.  Besides, we’ll need some rest after the first week of riding any way.  So this trip will probably take at least 13 days.

And yes, I love Scenic Driving books.   I think I have all of them  – from Main to Alaska. 

The Ozarks – 11 days, 3,200 miles

I think I’ve gotten carried away planning this ride.  It was supposed to be just 8 days, but, I guess, there are just too many good roads down there.

Scenic 1

Drive 1

Two 2-week long trips in a row could be a little bit too much.   If not this year, we’ll ride it in 2012.  Right after we come back from Montana -:)

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